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Caroline Gardner
DNP Candidate

Caroline is a candidate for a doctorate in nursing practice. She plans to become an adolescent-adult primary care in early 2024.

Caroline has had a vast background of experience spanning from helicopter medical evacuation, critical care, post-operative, and primary care.

She is pursuing her Masters and Doctorate through Duke University. She is anticipating completing a cardiology board specialty in addition to her primary care education.

Caroline is highly passionate about keeping her patients healthy and tailoring their care to what suits their needs best. She loves to provide whole-person, preventative, and functional care versus reactive disease management. She believes lifestyle and nutrition are as important as traditional medical intervention.

Outside the office, Caroline volunteers in the community by teaching CPR and health skills to middle school and high school children. She is an avid reader and is passionate about staying up to date on the latest medical developments. She highly enjoys cooking as well as rowing and playing golf.

Direct Primary Care

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